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The First Arcpass Experience: Hello Tomorrow!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Have you ever been watching a movie and thought to yourself - “I wonder what that would be like.” To actually live a character’s story instead of watching it unfold. Maybe it was the smooth talking spy in your favorite espionage film, or the main love interest in that new rom-com everyone is talking about. Whatever the tale, the dream of living vicariously through the characters we see on screen is the reason we go to the movies in the first place.

I’m pleased to announce that this summer the team here at Cxnscious will be turning that dream into a reality. With the first experience on the world’s first and only Augmented Reality Metaverse; Arcpass. We’re completely revolutionizing storytelling and narrative entertainment. Combining the fun and exhilaration of amusement parks with the accessibility and scale of mobile AR games like Pokémon Go!

This Summer, Arcpass members will be able to solve the case of a massive cyber-attack that has occurred in Miami. Set in the dystopian future of 2033, members will play as FBI Special Agent Dante King, as well as other characters as the story unfolds. Like the illusive blackhat hacker Robin, founder of the underground hacking ring known as the Hello! Movement.

A lot of cool things are in the works for you here at Cxnscious, and we’re so excited to share them with you. In the movie business, we have a saying; “I can show you better than I can tell you”. But in our unique case, this might be something you want to experience for yourself, so stay tuned!



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