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by Leo V. Ferguson

My Writing Journey.

I've had a passion for writing since I was a kid. Growing up I found myself most excited whenever I was given a good creative prompt, or when we were learning about the great writers who came before us in school. What I didn't know then was that my endearment with the English language, and it's use for communicating complex ideas, would transverse industries and lead to the dynamic writing career I have today.

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While finishing my Bachelors degree in Management of Information Systems from FAU, I had the privelege of volunteering with the Management of Information Systems Association to provide copy for their Instagram brand page.


The scope I wrote within from October 2021 to January 2022 was to broaden student and faculty awareness of upcoming MISA events and recent information systems news.

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Clicking the MISA logo will take you to their Instagram.

In January of this year, I registered the provisional patent application for The Augmented Reality Metaverse: a 43 page document outlining new systems and methods for merging tokenized data with physical buildings through augmented reality. A result of months of research into the topic.


As my first piece of technical writing, I had to learn a new style of penmanship suited for describing technical processes, but still lean on my previous writing experience in copywriting and screenwriting. As they would aid me in the effort to express new ideas in a way less technical readers could understand.

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From June 2020 to January 2021 I was fortunate enough to work as an intern for the original coworking space in Wynwood, The LAB Miami. As a social media marketing intern I was tasked with writing copy and producing short form video content for the brand page of their in-house podcast "The Big Idea Box". 

My last project during my tenure was to write, produce, and edit a commercial introducing the team members that worked there at the time. (As seen below.)

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In February of 2020, one month before the pandemic began sending the world into lockdown, I wrote, directed, and produced a 15 minute short film titled "Sofia". A film that would later go on to be selected and screened at two film festivals across Florida.

As my first published piece of writing, this film marked a pivotal moment for me as a writer. Turning what up until then was just a passion of mine into something much more.

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Click here to read the patent.

Click the film poster to learn more about the film!

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