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Arcpass Prototype

You can test the prototype here using Figma.

tools used:


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

slides 1-4


The onboarding journey informs a member about some of the app's core features, and prompts them to continue with an Apple or Google account.

slide 5


The profile is where Arcpass members store their personal information. Including a profile picture, age, pronouns, location, bio, social links, and recent experiences and campuses.

slide 6

Launch Camera

The launch camera screen is displayed whenever a member attempts to access locals data without being checked-in at a Cxnscious Campus.

slide 7


Arcpass members use the camera to scan QR check-in codes at Cxnscious Campuses and launch augmented reality content.

slide 8


Locals is the geographical social networking feature within Arcpass that enables members to connect with their local community through partnered "Cxnscious Campuses".

slide 9


Arcpass members use the discover page to learn about new narratives and campuses.

slide 10

Narrative Preview

The narrative preview provides members with a short summary of a particular narrative, and the ability to launch the narrative from the preview.

slide 11

Campus Menu

The Campus Menu provides a member with a list of nearby campuses that they can check-in to and begin connecting with locals.

slide 12

Campus Preview

The Campus Preview provides members with the address of a particular campus, as well as the total number of other members on the premises.

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