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What is Arcpass?

Arcpass is a tool for exploring and connecting with new places and new people. A platform to house the next stage in storytelling and the new generation of storytellers through interactive AR narratives. Where Arcpass members are the main characters of the story.

What are Narratives?

Narrative driven augmented reality experiences that let members step into fantastical worlds as they explore and interact with their local environments.

The first narrative on the Arcpass platform, currently in production, is a cyber-espionage story following the life and times of undercover special agent Dante King as he infiltrates an underground hacking syndicate in Miami called "The Hello! Movement".

What is Locals?

A new way to connect with your local community. You can use the Locals feature to check-in at partnered "Cxnscious Campuses" around your city and connect with other users on the premises.

We're currently working on our Alpha!


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